Privacy Policy

Keeping your information safe is our first priority

Cali Cloudx guarantees our valuable customers a secure shopping environment.


Protection of Information

Protecting all of your information that is submitted through registration is our first priority.

We do not disclose any information of our valuable customers to third parties.


Use of Information

We use your information to verify your registration.

Your information will be used in processing orders, billing, shipping, and returns.

We use the e-mail address received from our customer prior to registration to inform of new updates and deals on our products.


Changes in our Privacy Policy

We will continue to develop our website and take advantage of newer technologies to improve the services we provide to our valuable customer, which may lead changes in policy over time. We encourage you to refer to our privacy policy from time to time to stay updated of our latest privacy policy practices.


Resale Certificates and Tax ID

Resale certificate and/or Tax ID information will be used to verify the information prior to the registration and nature of business (resale purposes).


More about your privacy

You should be careful to maintain the secrecy of your password and account information, and be responsible about protecting your personal information and identity whenever you are online.