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Model: SWP-10
Silicone And Glass Curve Water Pipe- 9" Silicone and glass water pipe with a curve- Include down-stem and bowl- Comes in assorted colors- Highly durable..
Model: SWP-01
Silicone And Glass Water Pipe With Dome - 9" Silicone Water pipe with glass- Highly durable- Includes down-stem and bowl- comes in assorted colors- Weight : 400 gms..
Model: SWP-03
 Silicone Water Pipe with Perculator15" Silicone Water Pipe with perculatorIncludes down-stem and bowlAvailable in assorted colorsHighly durable..
Skull Soft GLass Waterpipe
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Model: SG-01
Skull Soft GLass WaterpipeFeatures:Skull design soft glass waterpipeLength: 14 inchesWeight: 4 lbsOpalescent Opaque Soda-Lime GlassComes with downstem and a bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: WP-03
Waterpipe With Detachable MouthpieceFeature15" Waterpipe with detachable mouthpieceIce-catcher for smooth smoking experienceComes with bowl and clip for the mouthpieceTree percolator to cool down the heat Available in assorted colors..
Model: SG-03
13" Soft Glass Beaker Waterpipe Features:13" glass on glass soft glass beaker style waterpipeDesigner large marble accentGlows in the darkComes with a bowl and downstemAvailable in assorted colors..
Brand: Cali Cloudx Model: WP-37
8" Fancy Horn Recycle Water Pipe by Cali CloudxFeatures8" Fancy Horn Recycle Water PipeComes with colorful bowl pieceAvailable in assorted colors..
Brand: Cali Cloudx Model: WP-109
8" Fancy Straight Beaker by Cali CloudxFeatures8" Cali Cloudx Fancy Straight BeakerComes with colorful bowl pieceAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: WP-26
10" Honey Comb Body Design Water-pipe- Available in Assorted Colors-4mm Thick Quartz banger included..
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