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Model: WP-14
10" Dual Perc RecyclerFeatures :10" Recycler WaterpipeDual percolator for smoother smoking experience.Inline percolator at the bottom and swiss percolator in middleInfused downstem Comes with a bowlAvailable in assorted and Neon colors..
Model: BB-03
4" Mini Bubbler WaterpipeFeatures:4" mini bubbler design waterpipeCompact in size and easy to carryComes with a bowlFreezer safe and heat resistantAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: SWP-23
6" Silicone And Glass Rig Features:6" Silicone and glass rig with disk perculatorComes with a bangerFlat mouthpieceAvailable in assorted colors..
7" Ice-Cream In A Cup Waterpipe 7" Ice-Cream In A Cup Waterpipe
In Stock
Model: SWP-24
7" Ice-Cream In A Cup WaterpipeFeatures: Ice-cream in a cup shaped waterpipeFlattered mouthpieceAttached downstemComes with bowlDurable and easy to cleanHeat and freezer safeAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: SWP-17
Mini Silicone Recycle WaterpipeFeatures:6" Tall recycle shaped watrepipeComes with a bangerHeat resistant and freezer safeUnbreakableAvailable in assorted colors..
Robot Style  Silicone And Glass Waterpipe Robot Style  Silicone And Glass Waterpipe
-13 %
Model: swp-16
Robot Style  Silicone And Glass WaterpipeFeatures:6" tall waterpipeA combination of silicone and glass Comes with a bowl and downstemDetachable for better cleaningHeat resistant and freezer safeAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: BB-06
Silicone And Glass Blunt BubblerFeatures:Silicone and glass blunt bubbler3" tallCompatible and easy to carryPendant Bail holeAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: SWP-22
Silicone Printed Oil Barrel Dab RigFeatures:Printed silicone oil barrel design dab rig9" tall with bent mouthpieceComes with a downstem and bowl pieceHeat resistant and freezer safeUnbreakable and easy to clean..
Model: SG-02
10"  Designer Soft Glass Glow In The Dark WaterpipeFeatures:Design soft glass waterpipeLength: 10 inchesWeight: 3 lbsOpalescent Opaque Soda-Lime GlassComes with downstem and a bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: WP-08
10" Designer WaterpipeFeatures:10" Designer waterpipe with ice catcherBent mouthpiece for better smoke Infused downstem Comes with colorful bowl pieceAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: WP-13
10" Globe Design WaterpipeFeatures:10" Designer waterpipe A Unique combination of straight and bent mouthpiece design with globeInline percolatorReinforced downstemAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: WP-16
10" Recycler WaterpipeFeatures :10" recycler waterpipeColorful disc percolatorInfused downstemComes with a bowlAvailable in sorted colors as well as Neon colors..
Model: WP-12
10" Waterpipe With Ring Features:Waterpipe with colorful ringDisk design percolatorDesigner infused downstemBent and colorful mouthpieceComes with 14mm female bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: WP-28
10" White And Clear Glass WaterpipeFeatures:10' waterpipe with a combination of clear and white glassBeautiful circular percolatorReinforced downstemComes with a bangerAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: SWP-04
12" Silicone AK-47 Water-pipe- available in different assorted colors- comes with a down stem and a glass bowl- durable - Weight: 250 gms..
12" Silicone Beaker Water-pipe
Out Of Stock
Model: SWP-07
12" Silicone Beaker Water-pipeFeatures:-  Comes with glass bowl- Durable and unbreakable construction- Glass bowl and diffused downstem included- Available in assorted color..
Model: WP-05
13" Coil Design Recycler With PercolatorFeatures:13" Straght recyclerDesigner coil neck with tree percolator Comes with bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
13" Designer Percolater Water pipe 13" Designer Percolater Water pipe
Out Of Stock
Model: WP-04
13" Designer Percolator WaterpipeFeatures:13" glass waterpipe with bent mouthpieceUnique designer percolatorDesigner ice catcherInfused downstemComes with a colorful bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: SWP-21
13" Silicone Printed Beaker WaterpipeFeatures:13" silicone printed waterpipeBeaker shaped makes it more easy to standcomes with a glass bowlFreezer safe and heat resistantAvailable in assorted colors and designs..
Model: SWP-06
13" Two- Piece Silicone Water PipeFeatures:- Contains Honycomb Peculator- Available in assorted colors..
Model: WP-23
14" Clear Beaker With RingFeatures:Clear beaker with colorful ringComes with downstem and bowl14" tall beakerWeight: 2.20 lbsAvailable in assorted colors..
14" Double Base Percolator Waterpipe 14" Double Base Percolator Waterpipe
Out Of Stock
Model: WP-01
14" Double Base Percolator WaterpipeFeatures:Designer dual base waterpipeMatrix percolator for smoother smoking experiencBent mouthpieceInfused downstemComes with a colorful bowl piece Available in assorted colors..
Model: WP-24
14" Tall Waterpipe With ShowerheadFeatures:Tall Waterpipe with showerhead and ice catcherHeight: 14 inchesWeight: 1.75 lbsInbuilt downstemComes with bangerAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: WP-06
15" Recycler With PercolatorFeatures:15" Recycler with detachable mouthpieceTree percolator to smooth and cool down the smokeReinforced glass downstemComes with clip and bangerAvailable in assorted colors..
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