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Glass Waterpipe & Concentrate

10" Dual Perc RecyclerFeatures :10" Recycler WaterpipeDual percolator for smoother smoking experience.Inline percolator at the bottom and swiss percolator in middleInfused downstem Comes with a bowlAvailable in assorted and Neon colors..
10" Designer WaterpipeFeatures:10" Designer waterpipe with ice catcherBent mouthpiece for better smoke Infused downstem Comes with colorful bowl pieceAvailable in assorted colors..
10" Globe Design WaterpipeFeatures:10" Designer waterpipe A Unique combination of straight and bent mouthpiece design with globeInline percolatorReinforced downstemAvailable in assorted colors..
10" Recycler WaterpipeFeatures :10" recycler waterpipeColorful disc percolatorInfused downstemComes with a bowlAvailable in sorted colors as well as Neon colors..
10" Waterpipe With Ring Features:Waterpipe with colorful ringDisk design percolatorDesigner infused downstemBent and colorful mouthpieceComes with 14mm female bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
10" White And Clear Glass WaterpipeFeatures:10' waterpipe with a combination of clear and white glassBeautiful circular percolatorReinforced downstemComes with a bangerAvailable in assorted colors..
13" Coil Design Recycler With PercolatorFeatures:13" Straght recyclerDesigner coil neck with tree percolator Comes with bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
13" Designer Percolater Water pipe 13" Designer Percolater Water pipe
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13" Designer Percolator WaterpipeFeatures:13" glass waterpipe with bent mouthpieceUnique designer percolatorDesigner ice catcherInfused downstemComes with a colorful bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
14" Clear Beaker With RingFeatures:Clear beaker with colorful ringComes with downstem and bowl14" tall beakerWeight: 2.20 lbsAvailable in assorted colors..
14" Double Base Percolator Waterpipe 14" Double Base Percolator Waterpipe
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14" Double Base Percolator WaterpipeFeatures:Designer dual base waterpipeMatrix percolator for smoother smoking experiencBent mouthpieceInfused downstemComes with a colorful bowl piece Available in assorted colors..
14" Tall Waterpipe With ShowerheadFeatures:Tall Waterpipe with showerhead and ice catcherHeight: 14 inchesWeight: 1.75 lbsInbuilt downstemComes with bangerAvailable in assorted colors..
15" Recycler With PercolatorFeatures:15" Recycler with detachable mouthpieceTree percolator to smooth and cool down the smokeReinforced glass downstemComes with clip and bangerAvailable in assorted colors..
8" Colorful Ball Recycler WaterpipeFeatures :8" colorful ball design recycler waterpipeComes with a bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
8" Straight Tube WaterpipeFeatures:8" straight tube design waterpipe Swiss percolatorReinforced downstemComes with bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
8" Waterpipe With Bent MouthpieceFeatures:8" waterpipe with bent mouthpiece for handsfree smoking.Beautiful matrix percolator,Reinforced downstemComes with bowl Available in assorted colors..
9" Designer WaterpipeFeatures: 9" waterpipe with bent mouthpieceMatrix percolatorReinforced downstemComes with a banger Available in assorted colors..
Inline Coil RecyclerFeatures:14" Inline coil recyclerBent neck for better smoking experienceComes with a bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
Mushroom Design WaterpipeDescription:Mushroom design waterpipeHeight: 9 inchesWeight: 1 lbsAvailable in assorted colors..
Pineapple Design WaterpipeFeatures:Pineapple design waterpipeBeautiful leaf glass art workWeight: 1.30 lbsHeight: 11 inches Available in single color as displayed int he picture...
Waterpipe With Detachable MouthpieceFeature15" Waterpipe with detachable mouthpieceIce-catcher for smooth smoking experienceComes with bowl and clip for the mouthpieceTree percolator to cool down the heat Available in assorted colors..
14" Coil Design Fancy Recycle Water-pipe 14" Coil Design Fancy Recycle Water-pipe
Out Of Stock
14" Coil Design Fancy Recycle Water-pipeDescription:Coil design & double recycleDouble ash-sketcher Availiable in assorted colors Bowl Included..
8"  Neon Color Eye & Dot design Water-pipe- Available in assorted colors- Imported neon color- Eye design- Bowl Included ..
10" Honey Comb Body Design Water-pipe- Available in Assorted Colors-4mm Thick Quartz banger included..
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