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10" Dual Perc RecyclerFeatures :10" Recycler WaterpipeDual percolator for smoother smoking experience.Inline percolator at the bottom and swiss percolator in middleInfused downstem Comes with a bowlAvailable in assorted and Neon colors..
4" Mini Bubbler WaterpipeFeatures:4" mini bubbler design waterpipeCompact in size and easy to carryComes with a bowlFreezer safe and heat resistantAvailable in assorted colors..
6" Silicone And Glass Rig Features:6" Silicone and glass rig with disk perculatorComes with a bangerFlat mouthpieceAvailable in assorted colors..
7" Ice-Cream In A Cup Waterpipe 7" Ice-Cream In A Cup Waterpipe
In Stock
7" Ice-Cream In A Cup WaterpipeFeatures: Ice-cream in a cup shaped waterpipeFlattered mouthpieceAttached downstemComes with bowlDurable and easy to cleanHeat and freezer safeAvailable in assorted colors..
Mini Silicone Recycle WaterpipeFeatures:6" Tall recycle shaped watrepipeComes with a bangerHeat resistant and freezer safeUnbreakableAvailable in assorted colors..
Robot Style  Silicone And Glass Waterpipe Robot Style  Silicone And Glass Waterpipe
-13 %
Robot Style  Silicone And Glass WaterpipeFeatures:6" tall waterpipeA combination of silicone and glass Comes with a bowl and downstemDetachable for better cleaningHeat resistant and freezer safeAvailable in assorted colors..
$12.99 $14.99
Silicone Printed Oil Barrel Dab RigFeatures:Printed silicone oil barrel design dab rig9" tall with bent mouthpieceComes with a downstem and bowl pieceHeat resistant and freezer safeUnbreakable and easy to clean..
10"  Designer Soft Glass Glow In The Dark WaterpipeFeatures:Design soft glass waterpipeLength: 10 inchesWeight: 3 lbsOpalescent Opaque Soda-Lime GlassComes with downstem and a bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
10" Globe Design WaterpipeFeatures:10" Designer waterpipe A Unique combination of straight and bent mouthpiece design with globeInline percolatorReinforced downstemAvailable in assorted colors..
10" White And Clear Glass WaterpipeFeatures:10' waterpipe with a combination of clear and white glassBeautiful circular percolatorReinforced downstemComes with a bangerAvailable in assorted colors..
12" Silicone AK-47 Water-pipe- available in different assorted colors- comes with a down stem and a glass bowl- durable - Weight: 250 gms..
12" Silicone Beaker Water-pipe
Out Of Stock
12" Silicone Beaker Water-pipeFeatures:-  Comes with glass bowl- Durable and unbreakable construction- Glass bowl and diffused downstem included- Available in assorted color..
13" Coil Design Recycler With PercolatorFeatures:13" Straght recyclerDesigner coil neck with tree percolator Comes with bowlAvailable in assorted colors..
13" Silicone Printed Beaker WaterpipeFeatures:13" silicone printed waterpipeBeaker shaped makes it more easy to standcomes with a glass bowlFreezer safe and heat resistantAvailable in assorted colors and designs..
13" Two- Piece Silicone Water PipeFeatures:- Contains Honycomb Peculator- Available in assorted colors..
14" Clear Beaker With RingFeatures:Clear beaker with colorful ringComes with downstem and bowl14" tall beakerWeight: 2.20 lbsAvailable in assorted colors..
14" Tall Waterpipe With ShowerheadFeatures:Tall Waterpipe with showerhead and ice catcherHeight: 14 inchesWeight: 1.75 lbsInbuilt downstemComes with bangerAvailable in assorted colors..
15" Recycler With PercolatorFeatures:15" Recycler with detachable mouthpieceTree percolator to smooth and cool down the smokeReinforced glass downstemComes with clip and bangerAvailable in assorted colors..
6" Mini Silicone Water PipeUnbreakable constructionFixed silicone diffused downstemComes with 14 mm regular bowlEasy to travel with flared lip mouthtpieceAvailable in assorted colors..
7" Howling Wolf Silicone Oil Rig 7" Howling Wolf Silicone Oil Rig
-15 %
7" Howling Wolf Silicone Oil RigFeatures:7" howling wolf style siliconeComes with a bowlFreezer safe and heat resistantHighly durable and unbreakableAvailable in assorted colors..
$8.50 $10.00
8" Beaker WaterpipeFeature:8 inch easy to carry beaker waterpipeBend design with flared mouthpieceunbreakable body constructionComes with a glass bowl and downstemHeat resistant and freezer safeAvailable in assorted colors and prints..
8" Designer Silicone Water Pipe With GlassDurable DesignSherlock style mouthpiece with flared lipWater chamber with removable partsRemovable 14mm diffused downstemEasy to clean and travel withComes with 14mm glass bowlWeight: 400gmsAvailable in a variety of colors..
8" Mini Silicone Beaker Water-PipeFeatures:- Glass Bowl- Non-stick- Non BreakableAvailable in assorted color..
8" Silicone & Glass Water-pipe with Glass bowl- Available in Assorted colors- Combination of glass & Silicone- Down stem & glass Bowl Included..
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