About Us

Founded in 2010 and based in Paramount, California, Cali Cloudx DBA of The BNB Crafts Inc. exists to offer 
one stop premium quality on all kinds  of smoking, vapes products and related accessories to wholesalers  
and distributors at the most competitive wholesale prices. We are the wholesaler of exclusive smoking accessories 
and general merchandise for licensed business only.  Moreover, we have a massive collection of silicone 
products featured in silicone station category of our website; You can find all the silicone product of items like 
Water pipe, Oil Rigs, Hand Pipes, Dabber and Container, Dab rig, Bubbler, Vape and Vape pen,Bong, wax 
container, and many more.  With year's long experiences, Cali Cloudx works with the suppliers with prices 
in mind, giving our client the high quality and the most up-to-date smoking pipe products, silicone items, quartz 
accessories, rolling papers and other smoking related accessories.
Why choose us? We are ideally famous for
  • providing low prices and best deals for the highest and quality on our products
  • being perfectionist on fragile shipping as our product requires high care and preparation
  • updating our product line every now and then 
  • friendly and knowledgeable customer service. The team of Cali Cloudx loves what they do! 
  • maintaining win-win concepts with our clients 
  • Free Shipping for orders above $500
You name it, we have it 
  • Spoon Pipes
  • Bubblers and Chambers 
  • Grinders
  • Glass accessories 
  • Water Pipes 
  • Torches and Butane 
  • Water Pipe Products 
  • Quartz Product 
  • E- Cigarette and Vapes 
  • Silicones 
  • Pipe Cleaner and Screens 
  • Scales and Ashtrays 
  • Rolling Papers and Many more
Have a question? Contact us and let us answer all your queries