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Chillum & One Hitters

Model: CH-01
Blue & green Bubble  design Gold FumedFeatures:Beautiful color combinationSize: 3 inch..
Model: CH-02
Gold fumed & Green color art  with dicro marble chillumFeatures:Gold Fumed with beautiful green artSize: 3 inch..
Model: CH-05
Silver Fuming Spiral Dicro Designer ChillumFeaturesUnique spiral dicroSize: 3 inch..
Model: CH-06
Assorted Frit Fat Dirco Chillum With MarbleFreatures:Beautiful combination of frit and dicroSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-07
Assorted frit zigzag dicro chillumFeatures:Frit and zig-zag designHeavy and high quality chillumSize: 3 inchesAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: CH-08
Silver Fume Dicro Chillum with colorful artFeatures:Silver fume with dicroBeautiful combination of colorsSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-11
Silver Fume With Spiral Dicro and Color Art Marble ChillumFeatures"Silver fume with spiral dicro and color artGlass decorationSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-12
Gold fumed with Blue Color Spiral ArtFeatures:Gold fume with a beautiful combination of blue artSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-14
Dicro With Rasta Art And Silver Fume ChillumFeatures:A beautiful combination of rasta and dicroSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-15
Gold Fumed Chillum With MarblesFeatures:Gold fume with Marbles Size: 3 inches..
Model: CH-17
Mix Colorful Art Chillum With MarbleFeatures:Colorful art with marblesSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-18
Silver Fume Sipral Dicro And Color ArtFeatures:Silver fume with dicro and color artSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-19
Silver Fume Color art Fat body Chilium With MarbleFeatures:Silver fume with color artSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-20
Gold Fume Designer Chillum With Colorful Art Features:Gold fume with colorful artSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-14
Silver Fume Dicro Chillum With Rasta ArtFeatures:Designer combination of dicro and rasta artSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-22
DIcro Chillum With Colorful Spiral ArtFeatures:Silver Fume and dicro artSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-23
Colorful Designer ChillumFeatures:Silver fumeSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-16
Silver Fume Dicro Chillum HeavyFeatures:Dicro artSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-25
Gold Fume Spiral Art Marble ChillumFeatures:Spiral design with marble decorationSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-26
Neon Clolor Art Twisted ChillumFeatures:Beautiful neon colorsTwisted designSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-27
Neon Color Designer ChillumFeatures:Beautiful neon colorSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-28
Designer Noen Color Spiral Marble Chillum Features:Beautiful neon color with marbleSize: 3 inches..
Model: CH-29
Rasta Design With Colored MarblesFeatures:Beautiful combination of rasta and marblesAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: CH-31
Gold Fume Mushroom Shaped Marble ChillumFeatures:Unique  mushroom shape with colorful artSize: 3 inches..
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