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Dab Pen

Brand: Yocan
Yocan Magneto Concentrates VaporizerFeatures:For ConcentratesMagnetic Threadless Connection1100mAh BatteryBuilt-in 2ml Silicone JarRevolutionary Ceramic CoilConcentrate Tool CapUSB ChargerYocan Magneto Includes:1 x Magneto Atomizer1 x Magneto Battery (1100mAh)1 x Micro USB Cable1 x Instruction Card..
Brand: Yocan
Yocan Loaded Wax Vaporizer Features:Dab PenSize: 129mm x 22mmLong Lasting 1400mAh BatteryExtendable MouthpieceTwist Off Silicone CompartmentTwo Wax Coils: Quad Quartz & Dual QuartzShort Circuit ProtectionHinged Atomizer DoorIncludes:1 x Yocan Loaded Vaporizer1 x Micro USB Cable1 x Quad Quartz Co..
Brand: Yocan
Yocan Explore Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer Features:2-in-1 for Dry Herb and Wax2600mAh Long Lasting BatteryPocket FriendlySimple and Convenient to UseAccurate Temperature Selection (200ºF - 460ºF)100% Ceramic Herbal Chamber5 Minute Safety CutoffIncludes:1 x Yocan Explore Vaporizer1 x Loading Tool1 x C..
Brand: Yocan
Yocan Evolve Vaporizer Limited EditionsFeatures:Limited edition designs Dual Coils with Quartz Glass Rods Clean taste Functional coil cap prevents mouthpiece heating Instant and continuous heat..
Brand: Yocan
Yocan Evolve 3-in-1 Kit Features:Dual Coils with Quartz Glass Rods provides clean taste Functional Coil Cap prevents mouthpiece from heating up 10 seconds of continuous heat Heats up Instantly Dual Pancake Coil Technology Push button cleaning Spacious dry herb chamber No Leak Design Thick oil tank w..
Brand: Yocan
Yocan Pandon Wax Pen Kit Features:Compact and conveniently simple to use Adjustable voltage: Low, Middle, High 1300mAh battery capacity 2 QDC coils (quadruple quartz coil)..
Brand: Yocan
Yocan Hive 2.0 2-in-1 Vaporizer Features:For Juice and Concentrates 650mAh Box Mod Battery Concentrate Atomizer and Juice Atomizer 1 connector, 1 pick tool, USB cable..
CE3 Stylus Pen Kit Concentrates Vaporizer Features:For Concentrates Stylus Slim Battery CE3 Concentrate Atomizer USB Charger..
Brand: Yocan
Yocan Evolve Plus 2-in-1 Kit Features:For concentrates and dry herb 1100mAh Evolve plus battery 1 Evolve plus atomizer (concentrates) 1 Evolve D Atomizer (for dry herb) 2 quartz dual coils 2 dual coils 1 metal tool 1 cleaning brush Charging cable..
Brand: whip-it!
Airistech Airis 8 Vape Kit Features:Use touch coil as nectar nectar collector; dab coil as portable dab pen Voltage control through power button (3.4 / 3.7 / 4.2) Air path cleaning with provided pipe cleaner Micro USB charging..
Cloud Pen 1.0 Concentrates Vaporizer Features:For Concentrates 350mAh Battery Medi Grade Atomizer Medi Grade Funnel Atomizer Wall Adapter US Plug Micro USB Charger C-Tensil 3x Silicone Mouthpieces..
Cloud Pen Concentrates VaporizerFeatures: 3x Silicone Mouthpieces C-Tensil Wall Adapter US Plug Medi Grade Funnel Atomizer Medi Grade Atomizer 350mAh BatteryFor Concentrates..
Brand: Yocan
Yocan Evolve Plus Arsenal Tool Edition Wax Pen KitFeatures:New Dual Quartz Rod; does not need a coil cap! Same reliable 1100 mAh battery from the Evolve Plus Micro-usb charging Convenient built in dab jar in the base Easy loading..
Cloud Pen 2.0 Concentrates Vaporizer Features:For Concentrates 650mAh Battery Medi Grade Atomizer Medi Grade Funnel Atomizer Wall Adapter US Plug Micro USB Charger C-Tensil 3x Silicone Mouthpieces Travel Case..
Brand: Yocan
Yocan Hive 1.0 | 2-in-1 Concentrates VaporizerFeatures: USB Charger Concentrate Tool Extra Quartz Dual Coil 1.8Ω Atomizeir 1.0Ω Concentrate Atomizer 650mAh Box Mod BatteryFor Concentrates..
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