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Coming Soon REWARD POINTS from July 1   |    FREE SHIPPING above $500 

Reward Points

CALI CLOUDX Reward Points

The CALI CLOUDX Reward Points system is our way of thanking our loyal customers for choosing us for smoking accessories needs for your business! Earn and redeem points that can be applied towards ALL of our products on

Buying                                                Applying   

$1 = 100 points               5000 points = $1

How do you earn Reward Points?


Create a new account or            Order any product              Redeem your points
sign in to your existing               from our website                on next orders as 
account                                    and earn points                  you wish

Terms & Conditions
- Rewards Points will be credited to your account after order is shipped
- You can check your total Reward Points under "ACCOUNT" in our website
- Remember points can only be used in multiple of 5000. 5000 points will give you $1 discount
- We are unable to apply Reward Points after order has been placed. If you forgot to apply, please wait till next order
- If you receive any additional discounts on orders (due to promotions or coupons),  the Reward Points will not be credited for the particular order

How to check your Reward Points?
Website Home page > Click "ACCOUNT" (top right corner) > Click " Your Reward Points"

How to redeem your Reward Points?
Insert Reward Points you wish to use under " Rewards Points" option and click the "Apply" button on Checkout page. Please remember points can only be used in multiple of 5000. 5000 points will give you $1 discount

The Reward Points discount will appear in your "Order Summary" along with any applicable coupon and shipping discounts

Contact us if you have any questions or need help with Rewards Points.
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